Original Travels is a new DMC concept, born to create unforgettable experiences for travelers in Morocco. We offer you a new travel experience combined with many years of expertise in the Tourism sector.

With us, travelers experience exactly the same as the locals. Breaking with traditional tourism by becoming part of the destination and not just seeing things from the outside. In addition to keeping our core essence, we added exclusive experiences which trespass traditional festivities, experiences you thought you could never live or you imagined you could never experience.

We have a huge core portfolio of tried and tested hotels, trips and guides that we know and love, and as travellers at heart we are continually seeking out new adventures and inspiring places to add to, and update, it. We also know that when it comes to your customers, you are the expert, so we work closely with all our clients to tailor our trips to your needs. We work hard to ensure competitive pricing, but rest assured that when it comes to quality we never cut corners.

At the core of OT DMC is a team of dedicated travel professionals who are true veterans of the industry. We’ve always got an eye on what’s happening around the world and on how we can adapt and evolve with the changes. The driving force behind all of our efforts is simple - to be able to offer you better quality, better value and better service.