The world is facing many changes that impose global challenges. Meanwhile people are traveling more than ever, with a new generation of conscious globetrotters. So let's take advantage of that impulse to make traveling safe for cultures, the environment, and let's facilitate the development of strong economies as well as societies.

Our philosophy is based on many past and current lessons learned, but also on the opportunities that the beautiful country that is Morocco offers us. Apart from the obvious aspects of caring for the environment, culture and economy, we find that an excellent relationship with our local partners is the most important aspect of responsible tourism. After all: the rural communities that we work with have formed us: not the other way around. We cooperate to reach the best balance between the needs and wants of the rural areas, and those of the traveler. This is also how we maintain a close friendship, mutual respect and indeed: we keep on traveling. Which is also important, because we are avid travellers and that makes us so good in what we do best: designing the best tailor-made trips through Morocco.  

 It is not about any type of propaganda or washing of corporate image, because it was really necessary to implement a business model in which all areas of human relations are respected, and more importantly, respect for the planet. In this way we practice fair trade; we foster cultural identity; we promote equal opportunities; We preserve the environment that surrounds us and the wildlife. We seek to implement a sustainable model that works organically, where all parties have the same participation. We are associated with but our best guarantee is that of the communities with whom we work shoulder to shoulder. Part of our income is donated to different causes -which we choose from year to year. This is how we regulate our actions in different areas to comply with our philosophy.  

Responsible tourism for a sustainable future..

Original Travels tries to limit the negative impacts of tourism in Morocco by a human-sized approach:

- Small groups limited to 16 travelers maximum per period of stay.

- Respect for local traditions and cultures.

- Economic valuation of Local service providers.

- Small local family-owned riads and boutique hotels.

- Awareness of the conservation of local spaces, including the protected area of ​​national Toubkal Park and Geopark M'Goun.