How to be a more eco-conscious traveller

Yet, despite the money tourists are pouring into local economies, many are doing more harm than good. A recent report found that mass tourism accounts for around eight per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.


From lowering carbon emissions to reducing plastic waste, here’s how to make your travel more sustainable!

Sustainable development - Morocco is taking it serious

A large delegation comprised of tourism operators, scholars,  and experts in sustainable tourism in Morocco, presided by Mrs. Nada Roudie , Secretary-General of the Ministry of Tourism, has taken part in the workshop “Tourism and Sustainable Tourism: What contribution of sustainable and inclusive tourism in the south and east of the Mediterranean region? “ which was held in Marseille.

Gluten Free Morocco Essentials, Where to eat & Shop!

With over nine types of breads gracing Morocco’s kitchen tables and bread serving as the main staple of the Moroccan diet, gluten free travelers may feel overwhelmed. Bread is eaten in every meal whether it is to scoop up a Moroccan tagine, a tangia or vegetable salads. The good news is that Morocco now has many new, gluten free options of where to eat and shop. Green markets, vegetarian and bio restaurants along with gluten free pastry bakeries can be found in the trend setting city of Marrakech and on the Coast of Casablanca and Essaouira. Travelers who are gluten and plan on visiting Morocco can use our trusted Gluten Free Morocco Guide.

How to Dine Gluten Free in Morocco


The Japanese tea ceremony is famous the world over for its precise ritualistic nature and cultural significance. Mint tea is just as important in Moroccan culture. You’ll find that even in the poorest regions, families who may have no utilities, furniture or even a door to their house, will have a Moroccan tea set sitting on a polished silver tray.

The drink is actually green tea from China that has had Moroccan mint added to it and around a dozen sugar cubes per tiny pot! It’s taken in different ways depending on who is making it and where you are; men make theirs with heaps of sugar and lots of flourishes, women less so. Southern Moroccans tend to serve the tea three times, going from strong and bitter to weak and sweet.

The blues of Chefchaoeun

There’s probably nowhere else like Chefchaouen in the world. From a distance it looks like most other north Moroccan towns, full of square buildings huddled together on a mountainside.

When you get up-close however, its uniqueness stands out. The place is blue. Not just the occasional building, almost the whole town. It’s a very beautiful, slightly odd experience, almost like walking under the sea.

Oldest Fossils Of Homo Sapiens Found In Morocco, Altering History Of Our Species

An almost complete adult mandible discovered at the Jebel Irhoud site in Morocco.


Fossils discovered in Morocco are the oldest known remains of Homo sapiens, scientists reported on Wednesday, a finding that rewrites the story of mankind’s origins and suggests that our species evolved in multiple locations across the African continent.

5 Inspiring TED Talks About Travel

I know you love travelling and I know you know that I do, too. Unfortunately, loving travelling and actually getting off the couch and travelling are two very different things.

Tourism/Security: Morocco in the Top 5 worldwide

Morocco is considered the 5th safest country among the tourist destinations studied, tied with Japan and Canada according to a ranking established by the British magazine "Which? Travel", with a score of 6.1.